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The inspiration behind Speak Nation Apparel’s current collection “A6”  is the creation of ART  with subliminal influences from the late Aaliyah, and the journey of overcoming life’s challenges through artistry. Speak Nation Apparel would like to hear young artists stories and about how they superseded their struggles/social causes in life through art with the “A6 Foundation Scholarship.”  Each year Speak Nation Apparel focuses on an artist that has an impact on the brand and its growth. For the 2017 calendar year Speak Apparel selected the late Aaliyah, in which proceeds of the "One in a Million Benefit Tee" will go towards the A6 Scholarship Fund.


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A6 Scholarship is currently only extended to the students of the Detroit School of Arts located in Detroit MI, the former high school of Aaliyah and the brand’s designer. Each applicant is required to submit a piece of art (song, dance, visual art piece etc), accompanied by a 500 word essay explaining the inspiration behind the art piece, and how their area of the arts had impact on their life. The selected scholar / winner of the “A6 Foundation Scholarship”will be awarded $1,000.00 to go toward college expenses for one calendar year. 

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